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Lick pads for dogs

is your pet dog is afraid of bath ? here is the solution

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  • Good product but pricey

    The quality of the door stopper is very good and it rightly deserves the
    rating that it got. However, the item is pricey. Had to purchase this as
    there is no better option than this one

    Baby safety finger pinch guard for doors 
  • Just the thing i was looking for

    Most of the coasters available are either teacup size or dinner plate size,
    but this one is in between them. It has a mild rubbery smell I guess it's of the silicon but it's nothing overpowering. Feels quite sturdy and of good quality. -
    (Ananya Dutta)

    Sakura coaster 
  • Extremely helpful !

    We use this to distract our puppy during bath and it worked like a charm!
    It's very durable and sticks onto most of the surfaces. Must buy
    😁 (Merin Glinta)

    Lick pad for dogs 
  • Good product

    If you want something for your anxiety which is travel friendly, this is really worth it. - ( Shirin kumtekar )

    Cameo blue fidget pad 
  • A must buy

    Excellent product, great aesthetic and functional performance.Has varied useages and works great as kitchen gas lighter too, apart from its basic function as mentioned by the seller. ( Sunny)

    Arc gas lighter 
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LIVYU LIFE is D2C brand based at Gurugram , Haryana

We have 23 years of earnest exposure and expertise in selling our products across the world.We apply our takes from the same, to provide quality products to the Indian consumers, , All our products range is high quality, ethically sourced, attested , and original.