About us


we have 23 years of earnest exposure and expertise in selling our products in the USA, europe & japan. moreover, we have decided to apply our takes from the same, to provide products to the indian consumers. we will be bringing you products which are an absolute necessity at the moment when the market is filled with cheap & substandard products. the same being true of even bigger name brands.

being an upright manufacturer, we source our products from other licit manufacturers only which will help us in ensuring the authenticity of the product. we audit all factory operation  ourselves without any third party involvement.

all our products range are high quality, ethically sourced, attested , original.

our products will revolve around your life which you will be able to live in a healthy & spiritual way whilst supporting the environment.

livyu india as a company came into being purely as a need of the hour – the need to live our life healthy, while being conscious about the environment . We urge you to live your life to the fullest whilst being mindful towards your health and to the nature around you. We aspire to bring you all the products by keeping with this philosophy.


For any questions – please contact us at livyulifeindia@gmail.com